Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Inc.
Serving Central and North Florida since 1977.


Volunteers take pets to area nursing homes and retirement homes for visits. The residents just love this and so do the pets. Volunteers may take a pet from our shelter or their own pet. 

S.P.C.A. SUMMER YOUTH GROUP  call 386-748-8993 if interested

For ages 13--18, youth can obtain needed volunteer hours with this program. Activities youth may sign up to help with are:

  • Dog Washes --Weekend mornings, once or twice a month.
  • SPCA Low Cost Pet Shot Clinics--5 hrs.
  • SPCA Adoption Events--5 hrs.
  • Thrift Store Volunteer--5 hrs.
  • We also go on field trips to Sea Turtle Patrols, Whale Watch Trips, Bird and Marine Life Rehab. Centers.  



Volunteers are needed to provide short education workshops in elementary schools and youth clubs, such as scouts. 
Our Volunteers(in yellow shirts) bring animals for an animal education day at Sunrise Elementary.